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About SWA Online

SWA Online (swa.co.id) is a business portal that contains various information related to business marketing, management, CSR, corporate action, good corporate governance, business profiles (businessmen and professionals), personal investment, information technology, exclusive interviews with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), as well as research data.
Not just the latest news, business information presented in SWA Online also contains about learning from the successful business, successful company, management, marketing, who creating success business, entrepreneurship, career development, and the success story of youngster on business.

About SWA

Inspiring, insightful and full of excellent business information! All these components are essential to anticipate the fast changing business world and to fulfill the need for agile and responsive corporate actions. SWA as a frontline source of business information continues to encourage a culture of Indonesia than would like to know, decide and act with confidence, as well as contributing to efficiency and profitability of companies in the country.

Redaksi SWA:

Pemimpin Umum
Kemal E. Gani

Pemimpin Redaksi Online
Kusnan M. Djawahir

Redaktur Eksekutif
Eva Martha Rahayu

[email protected]

Sekretariat Redaksi :
Phone: +62-21-3523839
Contact Person : Yuni, Utami, Restu
[email protected]

Iklan / Advertising :
Phone : +62-21-3449528, +62-21-3523839
Email : [email protected]

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Sirkulasi / Distribution :
Phone : +62-21-2314339, +62-21-3523839
Contact Person : Putri
[email protected]

Business Development & Communication :
Phone: +62-21-3523839
Contact Person : Agung Sudrajat, Eka
Email :
[email protected]

Riset & Dokumentasi SWA / Research & Documentation :
Phone: +62-21-3523839
[email protected]

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