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SCOOP Newsstand. Engage in a powerful reading experience with interactive features. Find your favourite magazines and Indonesia local books on SCOOP Newsstand from Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment to Home and Design. More than 1.500 editions are available for you to choose from. eReading Powered by SCOOP is an interactive newsstand built exclusively for Samsung Android owners, the application allows you to read your favorite magazines, tabloids and books. eReading Powered SCOOP will bring you a powerful reading experience, encourage you to engage with its interactive features and will bring you to the next level of publishing. SCOOP provides the largest magazines, books and newspapers collection of Indonesia media. Find over 3,000 printed high quality publication and enjoy reading it while on-the-go. SCOOP supports different payment methods such as PayPal and bank transfers.

SWA Digital Magazine on SCOOP for Android
SWA Digital Magazine on SCOOP for Android Tablet
SWA Digital Magazine on SCOOP for iPad
SWA Digital Magazine on SCOOP for iPad

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