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Indonesia Healthcare Marketing & Innovation Conference 2013

Indonesia Healthcare Marketing & Innovation Conference 2013

Indonesia Healthcare Marketing & Innovation Conference 2013

Indonesia Healthcare Marketing & Innovation Conference 2013

Creating An Innovative Patient-Centric Healthcare Marketing ROAD TO UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE (JAMKESMAS) 2014 ARE YOU READY?

What happen to Healthcare Industry in 2014?

1. Government will introduce Universal Health Coverage (Jamkesmas) in 2014. 2. It is estimated that more than 90 million people will be covered by Jamkesmas in 2014. 3. The Jamkesmas program will involve more than 1,000 hospitals all over Indonesia.

What are the impacts of Jamkesmas to Healthcare Industry?

1. Pharmaceutical and all healthcare providers shall revamp, restructure and rewrite its business model in Indonesia 2. The increasing demand of healthcare services from the majority of population while most healthcare providers are not well-prepared to grab this opportunity 3. Patients will increase expectation toward customer service from healthcare providers 4. The opportunity for healthcare providers to re-segment target market and develop more aggressive marketing and promotion approach

Innovative Conference Seminar for Healthcare Providers :

1. The New Business Model of Healthcare Industry toward a new Universal Health- care Regulation (Jamkesmas) in 2014 2. Innovative Pharmaceutical and Hospital Marketing to NEW CONNECTED PATIENTS 3. DIGIHEALTH : Exploring A New Health-care Approach to Digitalized Patients 4. Integrating The New Social Insurance (Jamkesmas) to Future Healthcare Business Practices 5. Winning the Hospital Competition through Excellent Customer Service and Unique Customer Loyalty Strategy 6. How are Indonesia Healthcare Providers Able to Compete in Medical Tourism Industry 7. Healthcare Providers Ethics in New Flat Digital World 8. Indonesia Healthcare Stakeholder (Hospital, Doctors, Pharmaceutical, Insurance etc) Survey 2013

Indonesia Healthcare Marketing & Innovation Award 2013: Recognizing Healthcare Leadership in Marketing and Innovation in Healthcare Sector

1. Outstanding Achievement Award in Healthcare Development 2. Innovative Marketing in Healthcare Industry (Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Insurance and Healthcare Service) 3. Innovation in Service Quality Delivery (Hospital, Insurance and Healthcare Service) 4. Most Reputable Brand in Healthcare Sector (Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Insur- ance and Healthcare Service) 5. The Best-in-Class Customer Service in Healthcare Sector (Pharmaceutical, Hos- pital, Insurance and Healthcare Service) 6. The Best-in-Class Customer Loyalty in Healthcare Sector (Pharmaceutical, Hos- pital, Insurance and Healthcare Service) 7. The Most Reputable Corporate Brand in Pharmaceutical Industry 8. Most Reputable Healthcare Brand in Digital World (Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Insurance and Healthcare Service)

What Companies Should Attend: 1. Pharmaceutical 2. Doctors 3. General Hospital (State-owned and Private) 4. Mom & Kids Hospital 5. Eye-Care Center 6. Skin-Care and Beauty Center 7. Healthcare Laboratories 8. Pharmacy Chain 9. Insurance 10. Travel & Leisure Management 11. Government (Tourism and Healthcare) 12. Healthcare Technology Providers 13. Healthcare Logistic Providers 14. Medical Equipments 15. Healthcare & Medical Stakeholders

TIME/VENUE: TIME/VENUE: Tuesday, May 7th 2013, 9 AM – 6 PM Ballroom, Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta

Investasi: Normal : Rp. 4.000.000,-/person, Early Bird : Rp. 3.000.000,-/person (until March, 20th 2013)

RSVP & INFO: WAnetwork : Teny, Arter, Rian, Herjani (Swanetwork) Tel : 021-2314332/2314340, 3503587, Fax : 021-3503595 Email : [email protected]

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