EXECUTIVE SEMINAR SERIES: Coaching Skills for Effective Transformational Leadership

EXECUTIVE SEMINAR SERIES: Coaching Skills  for Effective Transformational Leadership EXECUTIVE SEMINAR SERIES: Coaching Skills for Effective Transformational Leadership




Coaching is a thought provoking and bonding conversation thatinspire clients to maximize their potentials & performance in order to achieve organizational goals.

How can coaching increase effectiveness of transformational leadership in organization ?

Coaching Skills
Effective Transformational Leadership

Marilyn Atkinson, PhD

Founder of Erickson Coaching International

Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, is an NLP Master Trainer and specialist in Ericksonian Communications.  She invented the Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model, actively contributed to the emergence and expansion of Solution-Focused Psychology, NLP, and the development of Meta Program Analysis for effective hiring and managerial approaches.  As an Industrial Psychologist she honed solution-focused methods for multiple kinds of corporate engagements, making the tools effective and easy for managers to use. She was dedicatedly working with Milton Erickson's methodology and was also an early family system student of Virginia Satir. She also worked directly with Fritz Perls, the creator of Gestalt Psychology, for years. She develops corporate and specialized coach training programs (ICF ACTP The Art and Science of Coaching) that have been taught in more than 40 countries. Marilyn co-wrote three books in The Art & Science of Coaching trilogy with Rae T. Chois (Inner Dynamics of Coaching, Step-by-Step Coaching & The Flow of Coaching).

Lyra Puspa, WCh, ACC

Founder Vanaya Institute – Business & Wealth Coaching

Lyrais a Business and Wealth Coach, and also a founding member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Chapter Jakarta Indonesia. Having more than 2,500 coaching hours, she already coachedhundreds of business owners and leaders from SMEs to corporate scale.As a professional coach, entrepreneur, investor, as well as certified wealth and financial planner, she developed Wealth Coaching practice in Indonesia as solution focused coaching approach for creating sustainable wealth. She actively shared thoughts through media, including as a columnist in tabloid Business Opportunity, Human Capital Magazine, and PortalHR.com. She hosts Golden Friday, the leading Gold Investment Talkshow at Sindo Trijaya Radio Network.


  • - Coaching skills allow leaders to develop and maximize the talent potentialembedded within the organization.
  • - Showing the leaders, how to effectively blend coaching withyour leadership style to help your people excel.
  • - Improving leadership quality & effectiveness.
  • - Maximizing employee potential, the companys most critical asset.
  • - Creating a learning organization by encouraging immediate learning and development through coaching.
  • - Working through an outcome frame and keeping track of goals.
  • - Improved quality of daily work to produce successful results with greater ease.
  • - Encouraging positive organizational change with greater ease.


CEO and Top Management of organization
Business & Professional Leaders from all area business & expertise
Business Owner & Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013, 09.00 - 13.00 WIB,
Upper Room, Annex Building, 11
th Floor, JL MH Thamrin, Jakarta. 

Normal Rate: Rp 1,8 mio/person;
Early Bird: Rp 1,6 mio/person (until November 3
rd 2013)
Package: Rp 4,8 mio per 3 persons (@ Rp 1,6 mio/person)

Susan 0813 8034 8908 / 0856 9797 4515 (susanah@swamail.com)
Okta 0857 8223 6805 / 021 - 938 94 952 (okta.hidayati@swamail.com)
Maria 021 – 9166 1299 / 0858 8104 6288 (maria.natalia@swamail.com)

Dina 0812 9859 8742 / 0877 8058 9253 (firdina.mayta@swamail.com)
Septi 0812 9690 5588 (septi.kurniati@swamail.com)

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